10 things you Didn’t know About Kenya

10 things you Didn’t know About Kenya

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Kenya is a Country in Africa, I’m sure you already know that. But what you might not know is that Kenya as a country is named after Mount kenya- The second Highest Mountain in Africa. I guess I just caught your Attention with that.The aim of this Article is to introduce the Country called Kenya to you. and make you want to visit. Kenya is noted for its cool Natural Habitat and Safaris. its Natural Parks and Reserves, Its Rich cultural Heritage and its delicious Cuisines. Lets talk about 10 things You didn’t know about Kenya.


Kenya is named after Africa’s second largest Mountain mount Kenya.Its the 47th largest country in the World.it shares Borders with Tanzania to the south, Uganda to the west, South Sudan to the north-west, Ethiopia to the north and Somalia to the north-east.The population of Kenya is set at 45 million from estimate taken in 2014. The area currently called Kenya has been occupied by Humans since the Stone Age as evident by Archaeological remains found at different site.Kenya got her Independence in 1963 from the United Kingdom  and its currently subdivided into 47 counties ruled by elected governors. the capital of Kenya which also doubles as its largest city  is Nairobi.


Kenya has 23 National Parks, 14 National Reserves and 7 Marine parks. For a lover like myself  of Wildlife and Sea animals,  Kenya houses one of the most number of Wildlife Reserves and National Parks among Countries in Africa.  Worthy of note among the numerous parks include the  Maasai Mara National Park and Reserve noted for its population of large cats like the Maasai lion, Cheetahs, Leopards, hyenas etc. Also Worthy of mention is the home For numerous endangered animals like the Black Rhino etc.


For a Tourist, Notable areas to add to a must visit list are the UNESCO assigned World Heritage sites. This Sites were marked by UNESCO as a result of its importance to its story of Mankind. In total, there are 6 world Heritage site in Kenya compared to Nigeria which has just 2.Notable World Heritage Sites in Kenya include  the ancient city of lamu which is the longest habited area in Kenya.


A recent finding of a full Homo Erectus skeleton which was unearthed  in  Kenya called the ‘Turkana boy’  dates back 1.6 million years ago and suggest that early settlers or ancestors of the modern man lived in Kenya.

5. Facts about Beaches in Kenya

The enormous wildlife in Kenya to see, could make you forget that Kenya also has lovely beaches with clear white sand, bluest waters, Palm trees and sunny weather  The most busy of which is the Diani beach complete with resort and hotels.  Tourism actually contribute the most to Kenya’s Economy.


Kenya is a continental heavyweight in sports expecially Athletics, Crickets, Rugby and Football.  With particular dominance among the middle distance and long race. They field the best long distance runners in Africa.

7. Education in Kenya

The literary level of Kenya stands at 85%. The primary school education is government funded while the secondary school education is highly subsidised. The Kenya educational curriculum last for a period of  16 years in a 8-4-4  system. The education has a strong vocational presence, this is with the idea that school leavers and drop out can either be self employed or begin a vocational Institute after graduation.


Kenya is the biggest and most advanced economy in east and central Africa, and has an affluent urban minority, it’s  stock Exchange is the 4th largest in Africa in terms of Market Capitalization.

9. Culture and Cuisines in Kenya

Kenya isn’t dominated by any particular Ethnic groups . the cultural scene is made up of mixed cultures coexisting together . Notable of mention is the Swahili people on the Coastline and the Bantu and Maasai people known for Tourism.Kenyans originally have 3meals in a day with 2 tea  break by 10am and 4pm. Ngali is a favourite dish among the Swahilis.


Let’s Assume you were a night life lover, Well Kenya has A booming night life industry,  it’s said that  Nairobi, Kenya’s  Capital transforms at sundown to become the ultimate partying hub in Central Africa., full of revellers bustling about, trying to find the perfect spot to while the night away. particular spots I would recommend include the Hypnotical, Black Diamond Bar, OffRoad Bar and Lounge and the Klub house (k1).

Guess you didn’t know all this about Kenya. Now my work is done!

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