List of Online Newspapers in Nigeria

List of Online Newspapers in Nigeria

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The oldest Surviving newspaper in Nigeria is the Nigerian Tribune which was founded in 1949.The importance of news media can not be over emphasized as it brings to the readers, latest happenings in the different sectors of the world.

This is the list of Newspapers in Nigeria both online and prints with links to where they can be accessed.
List of Online Newspapers in Nigeria

  • 1.Vanguard

    Go to Vanguard

    The Vanguard is a Leading Nigerian daily newspaper founded in 1984 by Vanguard Media Limited.Its Available in Print and online.

  • 2. Guardian

    Go to Guardian

    The Guardian newspaper is a National Newspaper published by the Guardian newspapers limited.

  • 3. Punch

    Go to Punch

    The punch is One of the most widely read Nigerian newspapers available in Prints and also online and its updated as breaking news unfolds.

  • 4. Nation

    Links to Nation

    The Nation is a popular Nigeria’s national newspaper published by Vintage Press Limited, available both in hard copy and at their website.

  • 5. Nigerian Tribune

    Go to Nigerian Tribune

    The Nigerian Tribune English-language newspaper based in Ibadan, Nigeria.

  • 6. Leadership

    The Daily Leadership newspaper is published in Nigeria’s capital Abuja. it has over 500,000 subscribers on its Facebook page which is properly updated.

  • 7. Daily Trust

    Go to TrustDaily Trust newspaper is a widely read Nigerian newspaper based in Abuja with circulation all over Nigeria.

  • 8. ThisDay

    Go to ThisDay

    The ThisDay Newspaper is one of the oldest newspaper in Nigeria. Its published daily in Lagos and Abuja and circulated Nation wide.

  • 9. Sahara Reporters

    Go to Sahara Reporters

    Sahara Reporters is an Online News agency of international reporters and social advocates although they are somewhat controversial, they are quite credible.

  • 10. PM News

    Go to PM News

    The PM news is a daily newspaper published by Independent Communications Network Limited (ICNL). P.M.

  • 11. National Mirror Newspapers

    Go to National Mirror Newspapers

    The National Mirror Newspaper is a popular newspaper printed simultaneously from Lagos, Abuja, Ogbese, Kano, Owerri, and Maiduguri. its main focus is the latest news in politics, sports and entertainment.

  • 12. Nigerian Observer

    Go to Nigerian Observer

    The Nigerian Observer is a Benin City based English-language newspaper.

  • 13. Complete Sports

    Links to Complete Sports

    Complete Sports Newspaper is Nigeria’s foremost daily sports newspaper by Complete Communications. Widely read and circulated nationwide.

  • 14. Business Day

    Go to Business Day

    Business Day Newspaper is a Daily business newspaper in Nigeria,its headquarters is in Lagos, Nigeria.

  • 15. National Network

    Go to National NetworkNewspaper published in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. The newspaper published by Network Printing and Publishing Company.

  • 16. Daily Times

    Links to Daily Times

    The Daily Times was first printed as The Nigerian Daily Times in 1926 making it one of the oldest newspapers in Nigeria. The newspaper is currently published by Folio Communications.

  • 17. Osun Defender

    Links to Osun DefenderOsun defender is a locally produced newspaper in Osun state. with focus on the latest news in Osun and its neighbouring states.

  • 18. Nigerian Pilot

    Links to Nigerian PilotOne of the Nigerian dailies with nationwide circulation.

  • 19. National Accord

    Links to National Accord

20. The Tide

Links to The Tide

Port Harcourt based newspaper published by Rivers State Newspaper Corporation.

Others also worthy of mention are:


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