Richest People in Ghana 2015

Richest People in Ghana 2015

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The wealth of the Ghanaian people has increased markedly following an excellent businesss management and improving economic boom.investors now believe investing in Ghana is a profitable venture.This is evidenced by its commendable average annual growth of about 6.0%. While no Ghanaian may be in the top 10 richest Africans yet, Ghanaian bussinessmen are becoming wealthier as a consequence of the economic boom.

Here are the top 10 richest people in Ghana, ranked according to their estimated net worth.

10. Kofi Wayo (Estimated Net Worth: $40 Million)

With an estimated to be worth $40 million, the Guns and Rifles merchant is estimated to make millions every year in this business he ventured into very early in life. kofi loves cars and collects them as an investment. To date, he has 19 cars, five of them Rolls Royces.

Kofi Wayo

9. Jerry John Rawlings (Estimated Net Worth: $60 Million)

A two-term president,politician and ex military, John Rawlings is estimated to have a net worth of over 60 million dollars. He”s currently the African union envoy to Somalia. He took over power with a coup in 1979. and won his first democratic election in 1993 after he quit the military.

Jerry John Rawlings

8.Kwadwo Adjei Darko (Estimated Net Worth: $150 Million)

Politician cum businessman has occupied many government positions where he served as minister. He has served as the Minister for Mines, Local Government and Rural Development, and as Member of Parliament. He is estimated to be worth $150 million whih is expected to increase.

Kwadwo Adjei Darko


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