Top 10 African Countries With The Best Military

Top 10 African Countries With The Best Military

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African countries with the best military: Every year, the global fire power organization ranks Countries in the world according to their military strength and equipment. Over 40 different parameters make up the final score of this ranking. This year’s list released few months ago is the background of the top 10 most powerful military in Africa listed below.



Niger ranks 10th in the top 10 African countries with the best military power. Boasting of over 17 million people with 4.4 million of the matured adult population fit for military duty. Niger has over 157 armored vehicles. 18 military Aircrafts, 30 serviceable airports, no recorded tanks but spends over $85,000,000 yearly as her defense budget. Niger is one of the countries now under the attack of the Islamic sect Boko haram.


Angola is the 7th largest country in Africa. She has over 110,000 active personnel consisting of both front line and reserved military personnel. Angola has an annual defense budget of over 4 billion US dollars. There are over 244 tanks, 538 armored personnel vehicle, 115 Multiple-Launch Rocket Systems (MLRSs). A robust air force consisting of over 115 helicopters and 68 attack Aircrafts.


The modern Kenyan military is stocked with a mix of old and new military systems. Kenya population borders around 45 million. The active personnel of Kenya army are 29,000. The total amount of equipment Kenya  boasts of include  186 tanks, 591 armored fighting vehicles, 134 total air crafts, 64 helicopters, 14 coastal defense crafts and other air power. Global fire power organization placed Kenya as the 8th African country with the best military power. Kenya has 197 serviceable airports with a defense budget of $800,000,000 and is often involved in peace keeping mission.


The Tunisia ground army is the ground component of the Armée nationale tunisienne. It is estimated to number around 40,000, in addition to 15,000 reservists for a total of 55,000 strong. Tunisia has a population of over 11 million people with about 180 thousand of them reaching military age every year. Tunisia has tanks numbering over 180, 680 armored fighting vehicles, 162 towed artillery, 138 total aircrafts over 75 helicopters, 25 costal defense crafts in her navy and a defense budget in excess of $ 600, 000,000yearly.


The North Africa country of morocco boasts of a very formidable military.  The army is about 175,000 troops strong, In case of war, an additional force of 150,000 Reservists and paramilitary forces, including 20,000 regulars of the Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie and 30,000 Auxiliary Forces come under the Ministry of Defense command. Army forces from Morocco have taken part in different wars and battles during the twentieth century, from World War I, to the recent Central African Republic conflict. The population of Morocco is about 32 million with over 14 million fit for military service. The Moroccan Army own tanks numbering over 1215, 2,348 armored fighting vehicles, 448 self-propelled guns/ 282 total aircrafts,125 helicopters, 53 fighters/ interceptors.1 corvette and 32 costal defense crafts. Her annual defense budgets are in excess of 3.4 billion dollars.


The Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) is the military of Ethiopia. The size of the ENDF has fluctuated much since the end of the Ethiopia-Eritrea war in 2000. In 2002 the Ethiopian Defense Forces had strength of about 400,000 troops. Currently, the size of the Ethiopian army is around 200,000. The arsenal of the Ethiopian army include over 2,300 tanks, 800 armored fighting vehicles, 700 towed artillery,183 multiple launch rocket systems. 37 helicopters, 8 attack helicopters and 0 naval forces because Ethiopia is surrounded by land.

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